1. Article about the benift of taking a sabbatical year.

    Client: TAM nas Núvens

    Commissioned, Editorial

  2. Artwork created for swedish record label Love Potion


  3. Series of collages for Farfetch - 24 hour party people project

    Client: Farfetch

    Commissioned, Web

  4. Illustration for the poem “Emergency” by Simon Armitage.
    Client: New Statesman Magazine
    Commissioned, Editorial
  5. Novo Luxo

    Article about the luxury consumer behaviour

    Client: Airborne Magazine

    Commissioned, Editorial

  6. The Reception

    Format: 118,9 x 84,1cm 


  7. Ser Morto está na Moda
    Article about zombies and pop culture.
    Client: Superinteressante Magazine
    Commissioned, Editorial
  8. O Desfile 
    Format: 90x132cm
  9. Rififi em Pigalle
    Article about the Pigalle district in Paris.
    Client: TAM nas Núvens Magazine
    Commissioned, Editiorial
  10. Howling Beast

    Format:84,1 x 118,9cm


  11. Amor (e ódio) na Era Digital

    Article about romance in the digital age.

    Client: Carta Capital Magazine

    Commissioned, Editorial

  12. Teorias da Conspiração

    Article about conspiracy theories.

    Client: Galileu magazine. 

    Commissioned, Editorial

  13. Cowboy, Rocks and a Burning Rifle
    Format: 105x150cm


  14. Rocks, Rifle and a Burning Cowboy 

    Format: 108x131cm




  15. The Hat on the Bed

    Format: 110x76cm